Friday, July 13, 2012

Stamp Pad Organization

So here is how I have organized my Stampin' Up stamp pads.

I found this idea online, I will create a link at the bottom of this post to send you to the instructions if you are interested.  This is made of foam poster board if you can believe it and is really quite sturdy.  I have it in the window sill above my craft table and LOVE it!!!  Everything is just within reach.  I have my stamp pads organized according to color family and then have my other stamp pads along the right side.  They will probably have to move to the bottom at some point because I would love to get the Stampin' Up In Color pads in the future.  On the top I have my Ink Refills as well as my Ink dots and stamp cleaning pad.  This project is time consuming and kinda tough so be prepared if you want to do it!!!  Mine turned out all right, but I am somewhat of a perfectionist and it didn't go together perfectly, everything was fine until I tried to put the sides on.  Have Fun!!!

Here is the website: Syzygy Of Me
If you are interested she also has instructions on how to make foam board Copic Storage :)

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