Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ink Dots!!!

So here is my way of saving a little extra cash when 
I ordered my Stampin' Up supplies.

I already knew that I wanted to get the ink pads in the Brights, Subtles, Regals and Neutrals.  I also knew that I wanted to get the ink refills that coordinate with each of the above groups.  I really, really wanted the ink spots that go along with each of these too,but by now my money is getting tight, so this was my solution.  I ordered this cute dauber box from and downloaded the corresponding chart from the same site.  It glues right in the top of the lid.  Then I ordered my extra daubers from Stampin' Up which truly was the best deal I could find.  Last but not least I labeled each of the spaces in the chart with name of the ink in which I will use it with.  It works out perfect.  10 slots for Brights, 10 for Subtles, 10 for Regals, and 8 for Neutrals (I also have craft white), with one to spare.  I love these little daubers, they give you much more flexibility than the big ink pad does.  

The box was $8 something and a package of 12 daubers (I had a few laying around) was $10.95.  
I ended up saving myself about $36.
Just click on the links above to check out either item!!!

I don't know if any of you are like me...but the handwriting on the ink dot chart was driving me crazy, I like things typed, but because it was a pdf file I couldn't type in the color names. husband helped me to create a table in Word.

Here is how to create one of your own.
*Create a table 8 x 5
*Highlight the table and Right Click
*Go to Table Properties
*Click Table Tab
Preferred Width: 7.25"
*Click Row Tab
Specifiy Height: .88"
*Click Colum Tab
Preferred Width: .88"
*Cell Tab
*Highlight Table and Click Center Text
I used the Hobo font at size 11
*Start typing :)
 I also put a dot of color on each of the color names, I am a visual person and it helps me to locate the ink dot faster!

I don't know how to put this on my webpage so others can download it, but if you want a chart pre- made with the Stampin' Up colors already filled in leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I will send it to you in an attachment!

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