Friday, June 29, 2012

Stamp Organization!

I bought some new stamps with my birthday money and thought I would show you how I organize my stamps.

I use the Clear Mount Stamp Cases from Stampin' Up.  
Here is a picture of one below.

Then I remove all of the stamps from there backing 
and place them inside the stamp case.

I put adhesive on each side of the front sheet from the stickers with my ATG gun and center it in the front sleeve of the stamp case.

I then realign my stamps (as needed) so that they match up with the
front sheet which is labeled.

Next, I make a label with my label maker
 to put on the spine of the stamp case.

And last I put it in my drawer with my other stamps!!!

I liked this solution because I don't have a lot of counter space in my craft area and could never use a clip it up or other similar item.  Hope you like it.
 If you are interested in the stamp cases stay in touch I will soon have a Stampin' Up website where you can order them! :)  They are 4/$5.95.

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